General Comments

FK International’s recruitment consultants can give you advice and assist you with the construction of your CV.  In the meantime, here are some useful tips. 

  • Differentiate yourself from others. 
  • If you worked on secondment, go into some detail on what you did. 
  • Elaborate more about your most recent role and summarise previous work experiences.
  • Remember to include dates (Month & Year) and be consistent with the date format for each role.
  • Be accurate when describing your experiences, write positively about your work experience.
  • Your CV may need to be tailored depending on the position you are applying for. 

CV Tips

  • Write a draft and review it several times at different times of the day.
  • Do a spell check; make sure that the settings on your computer are for the English language (Ireland or UK).
  • Ask two other people to proof read it.

Common Grammatical Errors & Spelling Mistakes:

Periods & Commas 

Periods and commas go inside closing quotation marks. 

For example: FK International said that my CV was “well written,” “to the point,” and “well presented.” 


Spell out “percent” on your CV.  Only use the symbol on tables, financials and spreadsheets. 

For example: FK International increased my chances of securing the position by 90 percent.


Liaison/Liaising/Liaised. Note the second “i”; this is the most common spelling mistake on CVs.

Financial Accountant

Use a capital “F” and capital “A” when the job title is a heading in your CV.  Use a small “f” and small “a” when part of a sentence. 

For example: I liaised with the financial accountant on a daily basis.


When writing your CV, keep in mind that the recipient is most probably going to be reviewing ten or more CV’s before determining who to shortlist for an interview. If you have a ten page CV it is extremely unlikely it will be read. Keep it brief and to the point, don’t ramble. A CV should not be more than 2 pages long for a recently qualified. When writing your CV use bullet points where possible.


Personal Details 

Include your name, address, mobile number and email address. Some people also include their linkedin profiles but this is optional.

Personal Profile

Put in a 3 or 4 line personal profile summarising who you are. This should enable the person receiving your CV know your key skills straight away

“Professional, ambitious and hardworking Big 4 chartered accountant with first time passes seeks new challenge to further their career. Trained in the industry and commerce division where I have experience leading audit teams of up to five people aswell as working on solo engagements.  Gained exposure to reporting under Irish/UK/US GAAP and IFRS for group and standalone entities. Key clients include Google, Paddy Power and CRH”


Put your most recent first. If you have completed any relevant training courses, include these also. Include the name of the educational institutions, the qualifications awarded and dates attended. Include your professional qualification and any foreign languages and computer skills you have. 

Career History

Start with the most recent first and work backwards. Write a short note under the employer's name stating their business and the size of the operation. Make sure you include your actual title and the dates of employment.  Use bullet points to describe your accomplishments and duties. Do not include the reason you left your previous positions or why you're leaving your current one. This should be covered during an interview. 


As with the Career History section, expand on the activities to show extra-curricular activities. Keep this section brief. Include the names of clubs/associations of which you are a member. 


State that "References are available on request".

CV Templates

To make writing your CV a little bit easier for you we've prepared  CV templates for you to download for free. Think of your CV as a personal brochure or a 20 second interview. Don't overfill it with unimportant information. Click on the relevant link below to download the CV template:

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